World Ranking of Real Estate Research: Recent Changes in School Competitiveness and Research Institutions

Jang C. Jin and Eden S. H. Yu

Online First™, 28 May 2010


Real estate programs are ranked based upon page counts of articles published in three major real estate journals. The page counts are employed to capture many variations in the length of articles. For each author, his/her most recent affiliation is used to evaluate the school competitiveness of current faculty members rather than a perceived school reputation of the past. In this study, we find that top-tier schools in real estate research are not necessarily the most famous schools in economics and finance; progressive universities specializing in real estate research hold the top ranks. Furthermore, school competitiveness has changed substantially in the United States. The changes are mainly because of a mobility of faculty members. The results also show that U.S. institutions dominate research in real estate.

Keywords  World ranking – Real estate research – School competitiveness

JEL Classifications  A10 – A14 – A20

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