What Mommy Real Estate Agents Can Do While the Kids Are at School

If you’re a mommy real estate agent trying to build her business, then you know how important it is to maximize your time. Once the kids are in school, you have a nice block of time when you can get a lot done ..even if it doesn’t always feel like it!

Kids in school and no appointments with real estate clients? Here are some things you can do during those non-client filled daylight hours during the week:

Office work at the real estate broker’s office

1. You can attend sales meetings, which keeps you up-to-date on the latest goings-on in your real estate market, and is a good way to network with others.

2. You can check your mail box, in which you’ll get all kinds of flyers ranging from other listings to companies promoting their services to real estate agents. Most are junk…but you never know what you might find that will be important to keep…information on home inspectors, insurance agents, etc.

3. Your real estate office should have at least one copier machine and you should have copying privileges. Use them to your advantage! Either copying transaction paperwork or making copies of marketing materials…you are paying for the use of the office, so you’re paying for that copier!

Office work at the real estate broker’s office or home office

1. Make some phone calls! Call your real estate clients to set up or confirm appointments. Call former colleagues and ask for referrals. Call your family and friends in the area for any referrals.

2. Work on the computer. Read and return emails. Search the local Multiple Listing Service. If you’re working with active real estate clients or preparing for an appointment with a prospect, you’ll want to run comps. If you are working a particular area, be sure to keep up on new listings, cancelled and sold listings. You may want to use the expired listings as a prospecting tool to find new clients.

3. Create marketing materials. Design postcards for your next mailing campaign. Or flesh out some sales letters.

4. Work on your Internet presence. Update your website. Create a blog post. Visit other real estate related blogs and leave comments. Visit real estate forums and leave posts.


1. Attend a property showing tour. You may find homes that are perfect for your buyer clients. And at the very least you can chat with fellow real estate agents.

2. Attend luncheons or other daytime events with other real estate agents, lenders, title agents and other colleagues. It’s important to make connections with others in the industry since a single transaction will require many people to get involved in order for escrow to close.

3. Attend events held by your local real estate Association. There may be free renewal education courses you can take advantage of, or a seminar giving you the run-down of the current real estate market.

See? There are plenty of things you can do to build your real estate business while the kids are in school. Those hours are precious, so use them wisely!

Tina McAllister is a ghostwriter for busy professionals and the author of The WAHM Agent. She also runs WAHM Biz Tips [http://wahmbiztips.com] a site providing business tips and more to work at home moms.

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