The Truth About the Real Estate Housing Slow Down

If you are not a thick skin and do not want the truth, I have not read it. As a specialist relocation to ask me questions about the housing crisis to date. In fact, they met 10 times in the last 2 months. It annoys me because the facts can be manipulated. Even if you do not have thick skin and do not want the truth, I have not read it. My research is on countless hours of wages by the sale of real estate, mortgages, and interviewed many experts are involved in real estate. Although most professionals do not show obvious prefer to give a longer explanation makes no sense, I’ll give you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I’m ridiculed by all the reasons why the country is facing a housing crisis and I tell you the truth embarrassing. While there are reasons to minors caused the housing crisis, one of the main reasons for the housing crisis is predatory lenders. Let me explain predatory lenders play an important role in the housing market moving. For starters, the 80 has more of a mortgage professional working for a bank a reason behind the general education and with many years experience mortgage. The laws do not require experience and training, banks require that their employees have experience and training. If the real estate market in the early 90s, a mortgage company opened across the street. In some cases, which open in garages and basements. Not all mortgage banks were bad and makes products that provide a good mortgage with good service. Expulsion of the employees hired inexperienced lenders in mortgage financing. Most of these employees have lured by easy money from the mortgage industry to work in exchange for the sale. The ideal staff for a predatory lender was a salesman who can sell an Eskimo ice. The mortgage professionals rose an average of over 20 years experience in the 80 to 1.5 years in the spring of 2001. By taking the number of programs offered loans to 20 per thousand and the number of wholesale lenders to less than 50 to several hundred people in the same period of mortgage professionals has no education consumers the right loan programs or the best advice. There was nothing for a high-risk borrowers than 6 points (one point equals 1%) of a loan. In fact, a lender that the borrower has boasted stuck closed and loaded with 20 points on the loan. They said they knew he was too close, because they were in a hurry. Borrowers who want the best price with the lender, quoted the lowest rate control, not knowing that the lender in the index, another part of the loan or the closing exchange rate. predatory lenders, everything that I knew had to do to announce the lowest interest rates, it is true or not. They ran television spots, radio spots and sent out spam. Most of these predatory lenders are only about profits and sales of affected employees is very high in their offices. Many of them have doubled in recent years and opens its doors tomorrow with a new name. In the late 90s, predatory lenders had to change their lending, brokerage, when he began teaching real estate agents on abusive lending. Agents representing buyers changed their marketing predatory lenders. Shortly afterwards, many of these predatory lenders left the market to buy property and refinance the company began to attack. predatory lenders have increased at an incredible pace, while mortgage interest rates of 25 and 30 years at least 20 It is easy to make loans, everyone wanted one. Consumers have borrowed the money at an alarming pace. The lender known predator of the borrower, the rate of sensitivity. Have your advertising low interest rates. Accumulated on the money and ran advertisements to attract more customers to refinance. When borrowers are forced to close and in front of a switch and bait for predatory lenders, borrowers, since the lender closed on the barrel. A reference to a predatory lender was a prefect borrowers who have their research and look around. In 2009, mortgage rates began to rise. To stay in business abusive lending institutions have to change for your company. First use of predatory lenders and loan programs is to bend the rules to the borrower more than they could afford to give. An example is a stated income loan program. In some cases, these loan programs have been good loan options. The lender is a predatory borrower could not qualify for other loans and make the country a decent income. I have cases in which cash flow earned $ 95,000 in a loan application seen. The predatory lender knew that the probability of default by the borrower, but I’m not worried because she was paid in advance. Second, predatory lenders holidays or other type of incentive to attract new customers. Some states recently have incentives that are illegal, but there are some who say it is fair to deceive borrowers. For me, it’s hard to believe that people are still incentives. These lenders make a difference, creating another point at the end. predatory lenders have begun to provide incentives to hide bribes to people in the business.

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