Real Estate Trends – Why 2009 is a Great Year to Buy Real Estate

By Andrew Stratton

We all know the real estate market has been in the toilet for the last few years, and that nobody’s buying. It’s tough to buy a house when you have no money and nobody will offer you credit. The sub-prime loan disaster has hit real estate hard, but there’s good news: A recovery is around the corner.

It’s predicted by economic analysts that 2009 will be a great year to buy real estate. How can it be? In spite of this economic disaster, which will surely go down in history, the real estate market goes in cycles. Economists have been observing it for decades. Ever 3-5 years the market peaks, and then drops. After a few years, it’s ready to roll again.

Do you remember the sunny days of 2005? If you weren’t buying or selling real estate, you probably don’t. 2005 was a wonderful year for both buyers and sellers. Houses were fetching great prices, and interest rates were low for buyers. It was a far cry from the thunderclouds of last year. In 2009, it looks like the sunshine is coming back. If you’ve been waiting to buy that house, this is the year to do it!

It’s Not Fortune Telling-Look At The Numbers

Of course, cycles change and we can’t base everything on past observations. Just look at the economy in the last few months. Things are starting to turn for the better. There is still massive unemployment and low consumer spending, but recent months have seen growing consumer confidence and a drop in prices of oil and other daily goods.

Right now, the government is trying to stimulate the economy. This means that interest rates are as low as they might be for years. Another bit of good news is that housing prices are low right now. These changes are just starting to take effect, so it is likely that the middle and later part of 2009 will be an even better time to buy real estate.

No More Bad Loans

The trick to buying real estate and getting a great deal in ’09 is that you really have to qualify for the loan. What got us into this whole mess in the first place were bad loans and too much government de-regulation. From now on, you’ll have to really be economically viable.

But what does “economically viable” really mean? First off, it means you have a job and a steady work history. You don’t have to have the best job on earth, but what lenders are looking for is steady work. That means that you’ve stayed at the same job for a year or two at least. If you want to buy, now isn’t a good time to change jobs, even if your current work is a drag.

It also means you have your credit and finances together. You might have done some freewheeling in the past, throwing those credit cards all over the place and running up debts. We’ve all done that and you’re only human. But, if you want to buy real estate this year, now’s the time to start practicing healthy buying (and borrowing) habits.

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