Real Estate of Costa Rica Economic, Political, and Social Stability

Among the affected political and social upheavals that many Latin American countries, Costa Rica has managed to close it. Political stability, economic and social Costa Rica is one feature, the recent history as one of its great strengths, which has achieved great success in attracting foreign investors has influenced.

Government of Costa Rica is a stable democracy since 1949. The success of the country was recognized in 1987 when President Arias Sanchez was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The prize was awarded to high ethical standards the president and the image is to share, representing the people of Costa Rica people presented their high ethics and moral. They are considered one of the educated and social awareness recognized in the world. Costa Rica political stability was the first country in the world constitutionally abolished the army. After the Civil War in 1940, Costa Rica has completed its domination of the armed forces and a democratic republic. Since 1949, the government of Costa Rica is a stable democracy, strong of a constitution, democracy is regulated. established even before the current democracy was the government of Costa Rica is a political tradition of the rule won the majority. His government has also operated successfully in a position against the peace and avoid violence that occurs in most Latin American countries. Costa Rica is one of the most stable governments in the region.

The economic stability in the last twenty years, Costa Rica was not economic crisis. For a developing country, which is a very good result. Poverty has decreased by 40 per cent of the population to less than 20 percent of the population, with more than 50 per cent. The average growth rate is about 2.5 percent per year. Costa Rica has its share of world trade increased as well. Exports rose by 30 per cent of GDP in 1980 to 50 percent in 2000. Increased trade has led to a growing economy and reducing the vulnerability of the financial crisis. Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (FTA took place), Costa Rica joined the world economy and the economic stability it was decided. With a billion euros a year tourism industry, $ 1.9, is presented as a visit to Costa Rica in Central American countries. Most tourists come from the United States (54%), due to relatively high spending tourists for $ 1,000 per trip. In 2005, tourism contributed 8.1% of GDP, equivalent to 13.3% of the direct and indirect jobs. Ecotourism is extremely popular with tourists and major national parks and protected areas throughout the country. Costa Rica was a pioneer in this type of tourism and the country is considered one of the few genuine ecotourism recognized.

Environmental protection is a priority for Costa Rica and their government. Social stability in Costa Rica in the implementation of political and economic stability, many political center for social stability. The political and economic changes have helped to ensure that the basic human needs are met and improved living standards. The people of Costa Rica are well educated and read more of the population and write. The literacy rate in Costa Rica is 96% (CIA World Factbook, February 2007). The primary and secondary schools across the country are located in almost all municipalities. public education is guaranteed by the Constitution. Primary education is compulsory, and both preschool and secondary education are free.

There are two public and private universities. The UN study in 1980 was the medical system in Costa Rica the first in Latin America and has remained close to the United States and Canada among the top 20 in the world. There is access to drinking water and health and life expectancy is high. The World Health Report (1995) Costa Rica third in life expectancy in the world. Costa Rica All social indicators are among the best in Latin America. All the results that the government of Costa Rica in the last 50 years has done have led to political stability, economic and social. And “one of the reasons are Costa Rica real estate investments on the rise every year. According to the website of the U.S. Embassy, more than 20,000 private American citizens residing in the country. Although property prices still very reasonable, the charm of Costa Rica, at all levels is to increase the prices of goods and many investors enjoyed double-digit appreciation annually ..

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