Real Estate Markets in 2008

By Richard David

Real Estate markets fluctuate from year to year based on many different factors.
Interestingly enough, the Real Estate market is one of the indicators of how our
economy is doing from season to season. You may consider hiring a Real Estate coach to
help you. Currently in 2008, the housing markets are reporting a down year. But, that
result is based on the market as a whole.

The good news is that there are till areas where Real Estate is doing well and have a
good outlook for the 2008 year. You can research each state and will find certain
states and cities which are predicting appreciating markets in the United States.

The number one Real Estate market in the country for 2008 is Yakima Washington which
has a 7.8% forecast. If you like warm tropical weather, Honolulu Hawaii will be 6.8%.
Also coming in at the six percent area is Salem Oregon which will be at 6.5%.

More appreciating Real Estate markets for the year 2008 include Maui HI 5.6%, Bismarck
ND 5.6%, Manhattan NY 5.2%, Sun Valley ID 5.1%, Biloxi MS 5.1%, Kauai HI 4.9%, Austin
TX 4.8%, Grand Junction CO 4.5%, Fargo ND 4.5%, Mobile AL 4.4%, McAllen TX 4.3%, Idaho
Falls ID 4.2%, Spokane WA 4.2%, Glen Falls NY 4.0%, Salt Lake City UT 3.9%, Grand Forks ND 3.9%, San Antonio TX 3.9%, Seattle WA 3.8%, Pascagoula MS 3.8%, Hattiesburg MS 3.8%, Albuquerque NM 3.5%, and Kellogg ID at 3.5%.

If you need more help through the Real Estate process, you may consider obtaining a
Real Estate coach. These coaches can be obtained through companies like Armando
Montelongo Real Estate firm. These coaches will walk you through the process of buying
and selling properties.

It is recommended that you get help if your new to the process.

If you need more help through the Real Estate process, consider a Real Estate Coach

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