Real Estate Investing Growth Potential in Moscow

Real estate prices in Moscow is growing with many fantastic places of choice “in value doubled in the last year and this growth continues unabated. Real estate prices in Moscow are for sustained growth and strong development in the years to come here and see why . The recent history of  10-20 years in real estate in Moscow, a plate of quality for about $ 6000-8000 U.S. dollars could be bought, the prices increased by 100% or more increases, but continued strong growth in real prices of goods Moscow. The next phase of the housing boom has been the arrival of foreign companies and the Russian elite, the demand for better quality office and residential properties contributed to higher land prices. rising price of real estate boom is expected to be the next step. Why the price increase? Just want to supply and demand has, Moscow simply are not enough safe, modern and spacious apartments that foreigners and many Russians. Foreign investment with the opening of the Russian economy has been significant investment in the property, a number of renowned foreign institutions. For example, a business unit of German bank has committed 700 million U.S. dollars for Russian investment to invest in real estate alone.

The largest foreign investment in real estate in Moscow is the new big Domodedovo, development, near Moscow. 44,000 hectares are here for the construction of new residential and commercial entertainment – the project will cost approximately $ 9,000,000,000 developed. The project is boundless, a division of Dubai World, the investment company of the ruling family of Dubai are financed. Foreign investments in Moscow and other cities of Russia not only has significant resources abroad and are raised by Russian property developers. For example, Russia property investment companies is estimated to have increased by about $ 2. should offer has 7 billion in 2009 alone and the amount for 2010 do not exceed this level. Real estate in Moscow, a new confidence in brief Towers in Moscow. Designed by renowned British architect Sir Norman Foster, winner of the Pritzker Prize, would Torres, the tallest building in Europe when its completed. In its shadow is a large retailers, hotels and resorts, overlooking the Kremlin. The potential for profit growth last year is in real estate in Moscow as a commercial real estate will increase to over 30% of sales and local retail sales of approximately 60-100% – Location property. This growth will grow as the economy and buyers of new properties on the market continue.

Russian economy during the last decade has seen significant growth and has benefited particularly from increased global demand for raw materials. The rising price of crude oil and natural gas, for example (which Russia is a major producer), has fallen into the economic expansion. Commodity prices have a big boom in cash that was introduced in the banking sector and created the pockets of the growing middle class. This increase in liquidity has contributed to a sharp increase in investment in real estate and development for Moscow. Economic growth is to ensure that unemployment is falling, rising disposable income and of course there is a demand for better housing. Value of property Moscow seem destined to rise further for the following reason: Until recently, mortgage, mortgages are not common in the Russian real estate market, but things change and have a number of property buyers new (including a first-time buyers) to the market reach. The banks have the money to participate in mortgage loans and the increase in investment and credit are the introduction of new procedures This home ownership within reach of an increasing amount of time, every Russian. This was accompanied by changes in helping the law, the buyers and first time donors. Restrictions that had prevented many consumers to get loans are increased, and secondly, there is greater protection for non-payment by banks. The future of Russia is a new and the new capitalist economy, now at the stage where a new middle class to promote the real estate boom in Moscow and hold for many years to come. Increase in real prices of goods in Moscow were impressive, but looking back in time, the most important weapons, suggesting that this property boom still has a long way to go.

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