Real Estate Agents and Investors Raking in the Money in 2009

By Richard T Reynolds

I’ve heard so many agents and brokers complain that 2009 was a horrible year in Real Estate. 2009 has been an amazing year in the Atlanta market. If you are flexible, you can always make money in Real Estate. So many agents are too slow to react and too stubborn to change their business models. If you follow the market trends you will always make money. I told agents three years ago to begin developing relationships with banks and to start doing BPO’s. The agents that listened are making record commissions this year.

The money is in the foreclosures and will be for a couple more years. It’s really not too late to start getting a piece of this business. Whether you work for the bank or for the investors, there’s plenty of business to go around.

I choose to work with investors. The way I see it, I’m working with the party that is happy and making money, not the one giving their houses away. My investors are from all over. They come from California, New Mexico, Texas, New York, Florida and Georgia. They are successful because they have a couple things in common. The first thing they have in common is that they all pay cash. Cash is king when buying in this market. The banks know it and when you make a cash offer it gets priority over the others.

Where they get the cash differs. Some get it from their Self-Directed IRA’S and 401k’s. Some get it from Private sources, they borrow it from others in order to invest. Some just have it or get it from equity in other properties they own. The key is that they have it, and are getting amazing deals. They can afford to pay 8-10% to use someone else’s money to make these deals.

Another thing they have in common is that they have an open exit strategy. Once they acquire a property, they give me time to do several things with it. We first try and wholesale it to another investor. That’s how you can make the quickest money with the least amount invested. We just did this in July, August and even this month in September. We bought small brick ranches and immediately wholesaled them. They were all aquired for between $13,000-$14,300 and all sold for at least $23,000. One sold in 7 days, the longest took 15 days. The investor (actually two different investors) made a total gross profit on these four wholesale deals of $44,000. Not too bad, we turned $55,000 into $99,000 just like that.

Time to get the kids in for the night, I’ll pick this up next time. There are several other things my investors have in common that I’ll share. Every one of these traits make them successful. The key for you is to copy these traits or find clients that have these traits. There is a ton of money on the table right now, you need to reach out and grab your share.

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Continued Success,

Rich Reynolds

Virtual Investor Agent

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