Effects of Recession in the US Real Estate Market 2010

By Belinda Dawson
The credit crunch and the great depression of 2007 has played a negative role in the US real
estate market. The housing market is still on its way to recovery from the recession.

Effect of recession in real estate market

From the very past the US real estate market has played a very important role in giving a shape
to the usage of urban land. According to the principles adopted, it gave the owners the opportunity
to earn maximum value for his land.

But the recession of 2007 has led to unemployment, and as a result, the demand for house has lessened
and new constructions have also become very few in number. Though many first time home buyers are there
in the market, but, the fewer number of sellers could not meet the buyer's demand. As a result, the profit
decreased, price of inventories increased, sales went down and the US real estate market has faced
an incredible number of foreclosures. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the number
of homes that received foreclosure notices in 2009 is 3 million.

Recent situation in the real estate market

To make up for the loss, the government has introduced option ARM, by which the home buyers can choose
how much they want to pay each month during the 'start period' of the loan. They have the choice of paying
from the following options:

-a 30-ear fully amortizing rate
-a 15-year self amortizing rate
-interest-only payment
-a base rate ( which does not cover the monthly interest costs)

This offer, along with unemployment rate of 10.5% in 2010, will make more and more homeowners unable to
repay their mortgage.

The loan modification program of the government has can also cause home prices to fall by 5% to 10%, prior
to the stabilization of the real estate market. It is predicted that the market will have a noticeable
rebound by 2013.

The government's offer to extend $8,000 for first time home buyer tax credit till the middle of 2010 and
expansion of the program to include $6,500 credit for non-first time home buyers will attract more home
shoppers into the market.

Already the US real estate market is showing signs of stabilization in demand and price. For the last
6 consecutive months, the home prices are on a rise. The market has already started to recover from the
effects of recession, but, it will need some more time for full recovery. According to a recent survey,
77% of the richest people in the US feel that now is the right time to buy real estate properties, as
the price of home is low. Though the market has suffered a great loss, but the initiative taken by the
US government to reduce the loss is to be appreciated.

Belinda Dawson is a contributory writer associated with http://www.realestateisp.com
and has written several articles for various financial websites. She holds her
expertise in the Real Estate industry and has made significant contribution through her various articles on Real
Estate and topics related to it.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Belinda_Dawson

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risk management and valuation, and public policy and regulation.

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