Home Owners Should Be Hopeful About Selling Their Residential Real Estates

By Patrick ODonnell

Home owners are having difficulties selling their residential real estates due to the ongoing recession. The News Review (NR) Market Watch cited that consumers are now focusing more on their needs over wants because of the sheer lack of resources. Therefore, to be able to sell their own residential homes despite the economics instability, home owners are encouraged to up their ante.

Basing on a study by “Big Research,” it was found out that on December 2009, 57.2 percent of the consumers focused on securing the bare necessities. This is “an indicator that consumer spending… is likely to remain tight during Q1 [quarter 1] of 2010,” adds NR. Because these can be quite pricey and previously owned homes entail additional expenses for repaints, replacement of carpets and other problem-fixers needed; people are deterred from replacing their current homes for new residential real estates.

Although residential real estates sales seem impossible with these consumer responses, IBISWorld – the first research firm that offers in-depth analysis of every marketing sector – released an uplifting industry report last June 5, 2010. The industry report says that under real estate sales and brokerage “… industry operators will slowly recover over the next five years.” IBISWorld also predicts over the next 5 years residential real estates will receive the biggest share in sales, accounting to 50% of the real estate market.

Home owners can take full advantage of this prediction by hiring a realtor that could help them market their houses. Prior to this though, home owners are encouraged to make preparations of their own. They can freshen up the interior and exterior paint of the houses so that they would look new and residential real estates buyers will be drawn to the idea that they wouldn’t have to spend on repaints. New carpets and floors could also be installed to elicit the same feeling of cost-cutting benefits to buyers.

Moreover, the interiors of the house should be kept clutter and odor-free. If you have pets, keep any evidences of their presence because having pets can make your residential buyers run towards the back door. This is because pets usually ruin carpets and leave hairballs that can be hard to clean. Also minimize family photos within your space, to allow buyers imagine themselves living in the same home.

Grooming your gardens and the outsides of your house are just as important as cleaning the interiors too. Remember that your gardens and pavements are the ones that buyers of residential houses will be initially noticing.

Once you have prepared your home, enlist your residential real estates with a realtor. Nancy Warren of Herald Online identifies six reasons why home owners should hire a realtor. She explains that only realtors know the real estate market; they are keen about the details – qualifications of potential buyers; they are knowledgeable on accurate pricing; they are prepped for negotiations handling; among a few others. Basically, they know how to sell; they are “… pros at bringing buyers and sellers together”. In addition, they relieve residential home owners from the stress of selling their homes.

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