Global Economic Outlook For 2010 – A Cabbalistic Survey

Unlike 2009, in which a conflict between imagination and force persisted all throughout, we shall see a very complex scenario, politically and economically. The main players will be the USA, England, Germany, and the Far East consisting of China, India, Afghanistan and Japan.

There will be four eclipses in 2010. The signs involved are Cancer, ruling New York City and Capricorn ruling India and China. India, China and the USA (New York City) shall be in the limelight.

Financial Markets and Economy in 2010:

The world politicians are painting a very rosy picture of the world economy. The actual economic complexities of today are a result of the most archaic policies pursued by the Central Banks in Asia that are most reluctant to change their ways of doing business. A new economic system will have to be devised befitting the supersonic age we live in, albeit at the cost of the US Dollar’s demise as a World currency.

The results of the stimulus package by the Obama Administration are high inflation, a weak dollar, good for US exports and a strong Yen, bad for the Japanese economy. US’s trade deficit far exceeds China’s trade surplus. Most UN members consist of dictatorships that do not want to be told what to do by a minority of democratically elected governments. In 2010, I foresee the peace, as we know it, threatened by insurgents.

In 2006, I predicted a banking industry crash and it came true in 2008. The entire banking system is run two ways: one by Islamic system nations and the other by non-Islamic. We have no uniform system for the whole world. The Havala system is used to transfer billions, if not trillions of dollars, floating around unaccounted for in the banking system, from one point of the world to the other.

When the stimulus money runs out, the unemployment will go up in USA to more than 10%. Mr. Bernanke will be forced to increase the interest rate to control the heated economy. The housing market crisis shall continue because Wall Street, like the banks, shall be giving out billions in bonuses.

In this trading market, it is not wise to buy and hold. I foresee gold at $1,250 an oz (resistance level), silver $20, oil $100 a barrel. Investments in royal metals and real estate seem to be the best bets in 2010. The political aspirations of the nations in the Far East are in conflict with economic policies pursued.

We have a credit economy system in the USA. Our economy has no base. The Chinese are the greatest holders of U.S. treasuries. The Chinese GDP is projected at 12% but the political policies pursued by Russia and China do not guarantee a sustained growth.


The USA has been printing trillions of dollars, England followed suit. This will in 2010 lead to high inflation. In 2009 India bought 200 plus metric tons of gold to back its currency. It is impossible to forecast political stability in this chaotic state of the world economy.

I foresee hard times in 2010 for the world. Projections for the USA starting from 1776, its birth year, point to a national crisis in 2010. In parallel to the USA, I see an economic and political crisis in France in 2010 similar to the Great Depression of 1929. There is a resemblance between the histories of France and the USA.

The opposition of Saturn in Virgo to Uranus from April 2010 will have ominous consequences for the Far East (ruled by Saturn), USA (ruled by Uranus) and Paris, France (ruled by Virgo).

In the orbital puzzle of President Obama (born Aug.4), the personalities, namely Michele Obama, born Jan. 17 and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, born Oct 26, Timothy Geithner born Aug 18, David Axelrod born Dec.17, and Nancy Pelosi born March 26 are all in conflict among themselves creating much confusion and uncertainty in the future of this country in 2010. The President will lose total control of political and economic affairs of this country.

The entire world is watching our actions very closely. President Obama is pursuing a path so extraordinary as to bring about revolutionary changes in the social, economic and political set-up, not alone in the USA (a capitalist country), but also in the entire world.

New York City’s security threatened

The money generated from the illegal sale of oil and the drug trade shall be used by insurgents to buy military arsenal in the open market to carry out an attack on New York City (ruled by Cancer) between April and June.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

The stock market will be most unpredictable and very nervous. Run on the banks. Do not buy and hold. It is a trading market; volume will be very high.

o Switzerland

Switzerland is ruled by Virgo, the negative house of Mercury, bestowing upon it feminine qualities. In 2010, Saturn, the planet of destiny ruling the Far East, in opposition aspect to Uranus, the planet of evolution and revolution ruling the USA, will spell much trouble and strife in this country (Switzerland).

Trouble is brewing in this land. Racial tensions will lead to demonstrations by the extreme factions. Disturbing the peace will be the main objective. Fires and explosions are not ruled out. Extremists from the Far East will be the main source of disturbances. There will be some disagreement on a financial deal with the USA.
Zurich Stock Exchange: The Zurich Stock Exchange will be jittery and in turmoil.

o France

We know from experience that history repeats itself according to the law of periodicity in the destinies of nations. The French history is full of various events, some of which are not so positive. In 1794 there was a revolution and the fall of Robespierre. Projected to 1929, we get the Great Depression and another crisis in French history. The date further projected to 2010 indicates a serious challenge to the French Government: demonstrations, unrest and economic crisis. Early elections will be suggested by the opposition.

Some explanation will not be out of place. Paris, the French capital, is ruled by Virgo, a feminine sign. Saturn transits it in April, 2010 in direct opposition to Uranus, ruling the USA. What does it mean, you may ask. There are indications that the Sarkozy Government will be faced with a grave challenge involving the USA. Demonstrations against the Republic are quite possible that will disturb the peace as we know it.

Paris Bourse: Fortunes will be made and lost. Run on the banks and high unemployment is the verdict of the jury.

Ostaro, Hindu Astrologer, Cabbalist, Investment Adviser, Master Mason.
Author “The Art & Craft of Success: Ten Steps”.

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